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Basil Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. is IT Enabled Wellness, Preventive Healthcare & AYUSH Therapies Treatment Company. For Wellness & Preventive Healthcare we are having customized solutions for different type of categories i.e. Workplace Wellness for Corporates, Institute Wellness for Schools & Colleges, Women Wellness etc.

We educate & guide individuals on different health parameters and provide a few simple guidelines that promote healthier lifestyles. These guidelines are personalized and suited as per the clients health needs.

Basil Lifecare offers a comprehensive healthcare in Indian system of medicine "AYUSH" (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy), Diet and Nutrition and Psychology to suit the health needs of clients, both Indian as well as global. At Basil Lifecare, we strive for the well-being of the patient at all levels of health, viz. emotional, physical, and spiritual. Our commitment to our clients is to always conduct ourselves with the highest degree of integrity.  

Here is a glimpse of the services we offer:

Corporate Wellness: Basil corporate wellness program helps in reduced spending on healthcare, increase the productivity of your company and a make a happy and healthy workforce. Thus, employer becomes aware of unfit employees and can build efficient organizations by reducing the burden of lifestyle diseases.


School Wellness: Basil School Wellness offers online wellness services to deliver wellbeing to students and youth. The CPWP guides towards a healthier lifestyle, by doing a little wellness planning and by knowing more on your childs health, risk factors, mental health, calorie intake, etc.


Women Wellness: Basil Women Wellness offers online wellness serclientvices especially dedicated to the health needs of todays women. It aims at achieving dietary, physical & psychological wellbeing of women. We provide wellness solutions for womens complaints at all stages of her life.


Online Treatment: Basil Wellness offers online treatment in Homeopathy, Diet and Nutrition, Psychology, Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga and Naturopathy to cater to the rising health needs of Indian as well as global clients. Our Team of experts ensures that your ailments are addressed effectively by our Team of well-trained experts.


Diet Consultation: Our clinical diet charts have been specifically developed to achieve the goal of healthy living through planned nutrition and cater to your dietary needs. We also deliver Customized diet charts to clients and provide individual dietary reviews, caloric requirements, etc.


Psychology & Counseling: We have experts in the field of Psychology & Counseling; they help you to gain sound emotional & mental life by overcoming mental issues through counseling. We conduct individual counseling, group counseling sessions, Intellectual assessment, etc for mental well being.


Basil Wellness
Basil Lifecare offers
comprehensive healthcare in
Indian system of
medicine "AYUSH",
Diet & Nutrition, Psychology...
Basil PHA
Basil EPWP
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Basil IT & ITES
At Basil IT & ITES, we
understand what it takes
 to build enterprise-class
software for different industries
and we have addressed
Wellness Services
Healthcare Services
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Basil Education
We at Basil Education are
creating a platform for digitalization
in alternative system of
medicine especially in “AYUSH”
– Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy
Medical Learning

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